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What the locker room renovations mean

Tech football welcomes new updated locker room

Monday afternoon, Tech football players had Christmas in July as they were greeted with the present they had waited months, some would say years, for.

Finally the long awaited locker room renovations have been completed. This was also the first time these players had seen their helmets with the double T logo on them since the offseason began. These new updates virtually signal the start of the new season with less than 60 days till the season opener and media days approaching.

The locker room is fully equipped with a new media room with flat screen TVs and leather couch. Each locker has the player’s name above in chrome, and another flat screen in each corner. There is also a large double T in red neon lights hanging from the roof. All the custom helmets that have been teased by the program the past few seasons are also all in glass casings at the entrance and give a real sense of style to the entire room.

So what do these renovations mean for the 2017 season? in a nutshell, nothing whatsoever. These renovations will not magically make the team play any better or worse, it will not give the Red Raiders any competitive advantage on the field nor will it really give the team a psychological advantage. These renovations have nothing to do with the 2017 season whatsoever, but they have everything to do with 2018 and beyond.

These renovations are just the continued effort from the athletic department in to upgrade the football facilities to keep the team on par with top programs around the nation. In April, the Texas Longhorns debuted their new locker rooms, which were received to much fanfare. This fanfare isn’t just being seen by fans but also high school athletes. Tech being able to have a locker room that rivals other competitors is big for the program.

Every time a new recruit comes to Lubbock to look at the facilities, they will pass by this gorgeous new locker room and feel like they’re in a top flight program. These upgrades are extremely important in this day and age to stay up to date and recruit quality talent to the program. At the end of the day, power 5 programs can not succeed without top flight talent consistently coming into a program. For that to happen, upgrades like this locker room and the eventual completion of the indoor facility are necessities if this program will succeed in the future.