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Big 12 Baseball Power Rankings

Final Rankings for the 2017 Season


This goes without saying, but if you expect Texas Tech in the number one spot... you’d be right. For the 2nd time in as many years, Texas Tech has secured (a share of ) the Big 12 Championship. Back to back. Has a good sound to it. Much to the shock and sadness of TCU, Texas Tech seemed to be the better team this season, albeit not always a clean one.

One can’t help but think back on the series finale between Texas Tech and Baylor when Tech blew a 5 run lead in the 9th to lose. All things being equal, if Tech secures that victory, there is no sharing with TCU. Most would say that Tech is the outright champion after winning the head to head series 2-1, including a statement run-ruling in the finale, 21-3.

In any case, the rankings worked themselves out as they tend to do by the end of the season. Who care is Tech was #4 in the power rankings back in March? As long as they are #1 in the final one.

Texas Tech
West Virginia
Oklahoma State
Kansas State

Oklahoma didn’t do any favors to Tech though. Playing a double header on the final day of the season, OSU needed to sweep the double header to get in the tournament ahead of Kansas State. They did just that and now Tech faces an enigma in Oklahoma State who they dropped a series to in Lubbock.