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Big 12 Baseball Power Rankings

Rankings for the week of 5/15/17


Texas Tech is still in the running for a share of the Big 12 regular season title. Oklahoma took two of three from TCU to give Tech a chance, though the task is difficult, it’s not impossible.

The Schedule

Texas Tech is down 1.5 games in the standings and with TCU’s Big 12 slate done, each win would let the Red Raiders gain 0.5 games. Therefore, Tech needs to sweep Kansas this weekend. Not as easy a task at it seemed early in the season, the Jayhawks are one of the good surprise stories this year and playing like a team that no one wants to face with their season on the line.

Kansas has won 4 Big 12 series this season and until their series finale loss to Kansas St had an eight game winning streak. And if that still seems unimpressive, they took series from Texas, OSU, OU and Kansas St. Two of those teams, Tech handled, the other two, Tech dropped series to. Needing a sweep in baseball is always a difficult task, but it’s especially difficult against a team that is playing well at the right time and at times can look like one of the best teams in the conference.

Tech needs look past the record here and understand what is at stake. Firstly, back to back regular season Big 12 champs.

vs Kansas (29-23, 11-10)

vs Kansas

vs Kansas


1. TCU

2. Texas Tech

3. Oklahoma

4. Kansas

5. West Virginia

6. Baylor

7. Texas

8. Oklahoma St.

9. Kansas St

We’ll see how it plays out this weekend, but be sure to tune into The Air Raid Podcast for more baseball coverage this Friday and please leave any questions or comments below and we’ll answer them on the pod.