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Who are the most hated schools for Red Raider fans?

All these schools make us all sick to our stomach

Tony Gutierrez - Associated Press

As long as I can remember Texas Tech has always been the outsiders. We are located 6 hours from the closest major city. We throw tortillas on the field, and wear face paint. We like to think we’re pirates, or have swag or whatever our head coach is into at the time. Because of this, we find ourselves hated by many opponents and in turn we hate many of our opponents. However with all the conference realignment that’s gone on, we always come to a crossroads of who do we hate the most, who is our main rival?

Honorable Mention

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is only hated for one reason and one reason only: They want to be Texas Tech. From the hand sign to the “Orange Power” chant to the “Spirit Rider.” It’s like there is not a single creative person in all of Stillwater. Not to mention that Pistol Pete looks eerily similar to Raider Red, it’s a bit embarrassing for them. You would think with all the money that T. Boone throws their way they could come up with an original design.

5. Oklahoma

Is there anything in the world better than beating Oklahoma? The disdain for OU has increased with a certain someone playing QB for them, but there were very few more enjoyable moments than watching Doege tear it up in Norman in 2011. Or for “Jump Around” to be playing in the Jones and everyone in the stadium jumping to the chagrin of Oklahomans. We even have a chant for this university constantly shouted by students at the game, but I am going to keep this post rated PG.

4. Texas A&M

I know we don’t play them anymore and we probably won’t play them in football any time soon, but the fans and alumni base for this school still irk me to this day. Nothing is more irritating than watching fake army men in the stands for a mediocre SEC team claiming to be great. I am just glad that they have overachieved to the levels they have since moving. And just in case the hate for the program left you when they left the Big 12, here comes Johnny Manziel to reinforce that nothing good comes out of College Station.

3. Texas

The arrogance of this university is what makes them so hated. We’ve played UT for what seems like forever and they have not changed in this feeling of entitlement. The past five years or so have been a delight to watch this football team lose to the likes of Kansas and the basketball team finish near the bottom of the league. Not to mention the death of the Big 12 looms largely because of this university and their insane network. No matter what happens with conference realignment, we are stuck to go wherever UT goes so this rivalry isn’t going to die down anytime soon.

2. Baylor

2015 me: I miss the good ole days of Baylor being an embarrassment to the entire Big 12. Art Briles & the rest of administration: Hold My Beer. It is very easy to hate Baylor, they embodied the pompous attitude of UT after having the least bit of success. To top all that off the team decides to make the university a treacherous place if you’re a woman. After all that people at the university STILL stick up for Briles and administration, it’s a bit sickening. I just take solace in knowing it’s only a matter of time before Baylor goes back to being the football doormat where they belong.

1. TCU

Ahhh yes TCU. Has there been any university that has increased Red Raider hatred more in the past 5 years. First off, because of their location, we constantly fight for the same recruits out of the DFW. Also the football games vs TCU are always good and competitive (sans the 2014 game that never happened). We always seem to be battling them in the standings in every sport also. In basketball when we were awful so were they, they kept us from being the worst team in the Big 12, now that we’re getting better, they’ve decided to join the party. In baseball, that rivalry is getting intense as there is a clear cut top two in the Big 12 between Tech and that christian university in Fort Worth. TCU not only replaced TAMU in the Big 12, but also replaced them as the most hated Red Raider opponent.

Let us know if there’s any other team that deserves Red Raider hate or how would you rank your most hated schools.