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Big 12 Baseball Power Rankings

Rankings for the week of 5/8/17


Texas Tech has a good series in Morgantown, narrowly missing a sweep. TCU sweeps Texas to pick up a game on the Red Raiders and everyone else is chasing the two front runners. Tech down 2 games to TCU with one series to play isn’t the best scenario to be in at this point and if we have to talk about missed opportunities, I guess this is the time to do it.

The Evidence

Two conference games. Let’s find two conference games that Tech lost, that they’d love to have back right now.

Number one would have to be the finale against Baylor. Going for the sweep and up by 5 in the 9th, Tech gives up 6 in the top half of the fame and loses 10-9. Tough loss by any standard, comforted by the fact that we took the series (which is the goal), but now hanging more and more over the standings as Tech looks up at TCU.

For the second game there isn’t a game so apparent as the Baylor loss. But take your pick of games in series losses to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Especially OSU. At this point in the season, not winning the series at home in Lubbock looks to be haunting as well.

The Schedule

Texas Tech is off this week and weekend, which is probably coming at a good time. A chance for Texas Tech to recharge going into the final series, the Big 12 tournament and hopefully, a deep run in the postseason.

Tech needs to handle business next weekend with a better than though Kansas team, but definitely needs to some help being 2 games back in the standings.

vs Kansas (22-22, 9-9)

vs Kansas

vs Kansas


1. TCU

2. Texas Tech

3. West Virginia

4. Oklahoma

5. Kansas

6. Texas

7. Baylor

8. Oklahoma St.

9. Kansas St

TCU is in great position to take the Big 12 heading into this weekend. I guess we can all be Oklahoma fans this weekend, because if TCU wins the series, they lock up the Big 12.

We’ll see how it plays out this week. Be sure to tune into The Air Raid Podcast for more baseball coverage this Friday and please leave any questions or comments below and we’ll answer them on the pod.