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The End of a Golden Age

Saying goodbye sucks

Filipino Workers Dive For Gold At Hazardous Small-Scale Mines Photo by Jes Aznar/Getty Images

Goodbyes suck. I don’t have some insightful or funny quip, they just suck. This will be my last article for Viva the Matadors dot com because, like Patrick Mahomes, I’m declaring early. These past 18 months with VTM have meant so much to me, and it’s hard to verbalize now that I’m at the end.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to say a difficult goodbye, so please forgive the tears on the monitor, they’re not mine I’m just holding them for someone else I promise. This community of writers, commentors, and Twitter followers has been persistent source of joy for me and has made me love this school more than I ever thought I’d be able to when I first stepped foot in west Texas.

Some of the greatest things I’ve ever written have been on this site. Also some of the worst, and definitely the most preposterous. Good times have been had, and more good than bad, so we can just remember the tweets with puppy gifs and forget about all the times we got mad online or that one time when I got fired (whoops).

This sadness is draining my capability to put words together goodly, so I’ll just move on to the individual thank yous.

Thank you Matt Brown and Luke Zimmerman for being the first people to ever think I was good enough to get paid to write about sports. You gave me reassurance that I was actually good at this and not just kidding myself. For that, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being grateful.

Thank you Hunter for letting me have the freedom to write and tweet the things about which I felt passionately. Your friendship is more valuable to me than any amount of Baylor Baptist gold.

Thank you Kyle for pushing me to hold myself to a higher standard of consistently and excellence. I hope your future is filled with many Applebee’s and as much happiness as you can stand.

Thank you (old) Ryan for challenging me to be a man of integrity and teaching me how to understand and respect some else’s opinion, no matter how different it may be from my own. Because of your wisdom, and your impeccable choice in TV shows, I am a better man.

Thank you Jon for your love of baseball and for making sure Ryan wasn’t too mean to me.

Thank you Drew for your dedication to the site and your willingness to fight the occasional baby.

Thank you Isaiah for being a friend I can always count on.

Thank you every single VTM Twitter follower. Interacting with you, most days, was an absolute joy. I still think about interactions like this and smile, months afterwards. Thank you for indulging my bad tweets and hitting rt on the good ones.

Thank you Zach for carrying on the mantle of VTM and making it not only a place for good #content, but a community for all those involved.

In the next few months I will be graduating from Texas Tech and begin the search for somebody to pay me a “living wage” to write and/or speak about sports as a full time job.

The future is often a scary place for college seniors, but because of all the good that has come from my time at Viva the Matadors I’m ready to face the future with arms wide open.