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BREAKING: Incarnate Word hires Texas Tech Offensive Coordinator Eric Morris as its Head Coach

Kingsbury loses the final piece of his original staff.

Incarnate Word has been apart of Division 1 FCS for the past five seasons and has never won more than six games. They’re hoping to achieve more success with the hiring of Texas Tech’s Eric Morris as their next head coach.

Morris is a former Tech Wide Receiver and was part of the original Kingsbury coaching staff in 2013. Since taking over, Texas Tech has consistently had one of the highest scoring offenses in the nation, averaging over 30 points per game in each of the five seasons he’s been here.

After the departures of Special Teams Coordinator Joe Robinson and Defensive Backs coach Karl Scott, Kingsbury will now have a third position to replace for the 2018 season. With these changes, we could see some big changes coming for the Red Raiders.