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The 2OT: Why do we attend the games?

Supporting your team has to be about more than winning.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The thought.

In the days after Texas Tech's 34-38 to the South Florida Bulls at the Birmingham Bowl, many fans have taken to social media to voice their “displeasure” with the football program. Most of course calling for a coaching change, which I don't have a problem with (though I strongly disagree). What really infuriates me are when so called Red Raider fans (you know who you are) say things like this.

“I guess Texas Tech doesn't want the $3,000 that I paid for season tickets since they insisted on keeping coach bro”


“Have fun kicking off in front of 20,000 people next year”.

These are paraphrased from real comments that I have read this week. What drives me crazy is that not only do these people seem to think that they are important enough to hold the university at ransom, but they have have also completely missed the point. When it comes to game attendance winning or losing should never become a deciding factor for fans. So why then should anyone attend the games?

The take.

It has to be about more than winning. I can watch a winning team from home and get just as much out of it as I could at Jones AT&T. If winning is the sole reason for attendance, then even fans in Tuscaloosa will be sorely disappointed. All runs come to an end eventually. Just look at Florida, Miami and Texas. (Even Minnesota had a run of AP national championships). Just as quickly as a run can end, another one begins.

When it comes to attending the games, it's about something more than winning. It's about chanting Raider Power and watching the Goin’ Band From Raiderland do the pre-game run on (shout out to Band 1). It's about watching the Masked Rider and Fearless Champion charge across the field and singing the Matador Song. Ultimately it's about being apart of something that is bigger than yourself.

So go ahead and don't renew your season tickets. We don't need you. Chances the fans sitting next to you will be glad to not hear your drunken rants about the Leach days. If you can't be bothered to support your school then I guarantee someone else will gladly take your seat.