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Arizona State wants Gibbs, but Gibbs wants Texas Tech

Castle Gibbs is still being fortified

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

If anyone knows about the honest work of progression, it’s defensive coordinator David Gibbs.

Since coming to Lubbock, Coach Gibbs has transformed one of college football’s most dismal defenses into a admirable turnover machine (No. 6 in the nation) and No. 6 defense in the Big 12. If you’re thinking “but our stats are still terrible in a number of categories,” then guess what—you’re right. Gibbs knows this, but he also has the foresight to know where this is going to go. Here’s the problem: so do other programs.

Recent Arizona State football hire Herm Edwards has already targeted Coach Gibbs as a part of his new coaching staff. This should enlighten us to a number of things. One, Edwards and Gibbs’ time together on the Kansas City Chiefs’ staff put enough in Edwards’ mind that Gibbs is a defensive coordinator worth having around. Also, the amount of traction this interest has picked up by various sports sites makes it obvious there’s real recognized potential with Gibbs.

What comes next is hard to say. Expect to see Texas Tech offer Gibbs a raise and extension on his contract, but if that doesn’t happen, then expect more of the new head coaching positions around the country to throw phone calls his way.

My thought? Gibbs wants a Big 12 Championship, and he wants it to come on the pads of the best defense Texas Tech has ever seen.

UPDATE: Looks like Gibbs is here to stay, at least for the time being.