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AP Top 25: The undefeated teams reign supreme

Texas Tech is back where it belongs.

NCAA Basketball: La Salle at Villanova Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Duke’s reign at the top came to an abrupt end after a shocking loss at Boston College giving way for Villanova to slide in and gain the #1 spot for the first time this season. Duke wasn’t the only team to take a tumble as back to back losses had Kansas and Florida taking big tumbles in the poll.

The voters gave love to the undefeated teams this week as Wichita State moved into the top three and Arizona State was given their highest ranking since 1981. Other undefeateds Miami, TCU, and Florida State were also big risers after big wins.

Texas Tech’s hiatus from the AP top 25 only lasted one week as the Red Raiders are back into the fold once again this week. With games against Kennesaw State and Rice coming up, this visit in the AP poll should last longer than the last.

  1. Villanova (+3)
  2. Michigan State (+1)
  3. Wichita State (+3)
  4. Duke (-3)
  5. Arizona State (+11)
  6. Miami (+4)
  7. North Carolina (+4)
  8. Kentucky (-)
  9. Texas A&M (-2)
  10. Xavier (+3)
  11. West Virginia (+7)
  12. Gonzaga (-)
  13. Kansas (-11)
  14. TCU (+6)
  15. Seton Hall (+4)
  16. Virginia (-1)
  17. Purdue (+4)
  18. Notre Dame (-9)
  19. Florida State (NR)
  20. Tennessee (+4)
  21. Baylor (+2)
  22. Florida (-17)
  23. Arizona (NR)
  24. Texas Tech (NR)
  25. Cincinatti (-8)