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Win against Texas was nice, but not indicative of Tech’s true identity

The Longhorns were a couple of dumb mistakes away from blowing out the Red Raiders

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t eat McDonald’s very often, mainly because I have at least a sliver a respect for my body, but not long ago I was in a situation where I was feeling famished and desperately in need of food, and the only place open nearby was the establishment under the golden arches.

I had a double cheeseburger and some fries, and I kid you not, it was the most delectable, satisfying meal I’d consumed in years. Mind you, I hadn’t eaten in like 12 hours and I was miserably hungry. But that hamburger tasted like it was crafted by the hands of Gabriel in heaven.

Deep down, I knew the meal wasn’t actually that good. I knew the reasoning behind my euphoria was simply the fact I was so deliriously hungry, and everything tastes delicious when you’re in that mode.

Look, I know winning at Texas is a big deal. I get it. But I think we all need to slow down for a second and look at the game for what it is - a nice road win against a mediocre team. A win against Texas is just a McDonald’s cheeseburger for a starving fan.

I know everyone wants to praise the defense, and while it performed exceptionally well, this was against a historically bad Longhorn offense. Alternating between a true freshman quarterback who can’t throw the ball and sophomore quarterback who’s marginal at best, behind a broken and lowly offensive line, and with no real star at running back, Texas is as bad at offense as it’s ever been in the modern era.

Texas was the better team Friday, but made detrimental mistakes at the most inopportune times. During the second half, the Longhorns were driving into Red Raider territory with a one touchdown lead before coughing up the football.

Then, in the fourth quarter, Texas was once again deep into Tech territory with a 23-20 lead when Ehlinger threw a pick to Justus Parker.

Even with that, the Longhorns still had a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter down 27-23, marching into opponent territory yet again only to throw another interception.

There were so many chances for the Longhorns to run away with the game if, in truth, they didn’t beat themselves. Keep in mind, this Texas team’s best win came either against Iowa State, 17-7, or at West Virginia, who was without star quarterback Will Grier for almost the entire game. They’re just not very good.

I know it’s the holiday season and I’m sounding a lot like Scrooge himself, but I had to say something based on the reactions I’m seeing from the Tech faithful. The fan base is treating the win like it was the 10th of the year, completely forgetting Tech has lost six games once again with the possibility of losing seven.

To quote ol’ Ebenezer, “An ant is what it is, a grasshopper is what it is, and Christmas, sir, is a humbug Texas is a 6-6 football team.” Enjoy the win, but let’s not forget where the program was just a week ago, on the verge of firing Kliff Kingsbury for four years of underachieving. One win against lowly Texas shouldn’t decrease the expectations fans have for this program, and I don’t think it should absolve Kingsbury of all doubt and pressure to succeed.

Six wins and six losses with a victory against Texas should not be the goal of this program. Mike Leach proved it was possible to win nine and 10 games on a consistent basis. As far as I’m concerned, Kingsbury has yet to prove he’s capable of anything near that level of success.

But for now, well, curfew shall not ring tonight, Mr. Kingsbury. Enjoy the extra year, because another 6-6 season won’t be tolerated in 2018.