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Instant Reaction: Texas vs. Texas Tech

Defense, Shimonek, and turnovers - we wrecked ‘em in Austin again.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

What a game! I’ll admit, not until we kneeled for the second time would I let myself believe that we won this game. A late change to insert Nic Shimonek by Kingsbury won us a nail biter in Austin - never in a million years would I have believed this could/would happen. There’s a ton to commend below, so I won’t keep y’all from the highlights.

Kliff Kingsbury - I have no idea if this was your last game as the Red Raider Head Coach, but if it was, you went out on top! You’ve absolutely given Kirby Hocutt something to ponder over the next few days. Instant reaction gut feel? Kingsbury stays.

David Gibbs - Incredible game plan, but even better execution. You’ve got to tip you hat to Gibbs because he had his unit keyed in all game.

Nic Shimonek - You were a lot of things this season, but clutch was assuredly not one of them. Yet, with your back truly against the wall, you delivered 100%. It’s a small list of Texas Tech quarterbacks who have beat the Longhorns, and an even smaller list of those guys won in did it. Cheers to you.

Jordyn Brooks/Dakota Allen - You each deserve you’re own tab, but it’s hard to separate the dynamic duo at the same time. Absolutely incredible games for both of you. From sideline to sideline you guys dominated and kept us in it. I really hope we hold onto Allen for his senior season (NFL Draft).

Keke Coutee - Domination, but that’s been almost expected up to this point. We’ve been saying it all year, so we I won’t pour it on anymore.

TJ Vasher - The drops kill me, but the circus catches are world class. The sky is absolutely the limit for this young man, and he oozes All-Conference next season.

Mych Thomas - I mentioned in my Q&A to the UT SB Nation site that he was the low key player to watch. I’d say my thought was spot on. He made big play after big play in the run game.

Special Teams - We punted the ball well, didn’t miss an extra point, gave up no large returns, made the makable field goals, and recovered a muffed punt. Best game we’ve seen all season. For Texas, my hat is off to Dickson. Is it possible for a punter to be the MVP? If so, he deserves it.

Justus Nelson - Per the usual, you showed up and made a play when we needed it most. Can’t believe this was a Division 3 transfer...

McClane Carter - He started phenomenally, but then started serving up beach balls for the defense to camp under. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t have a big arm, and against an athletic team like Texas - there’s not much he was going to be able to do. Nevertheless, I appreciated his effort, and decisiveness. We’ll see what he does with another offseason in Lubbock.

Justin Stockton - You were a commendable Red Raider and we’ll miss you now that you’re likely gone. I hate that you had to leave from a concussion, but we’ll all remember you fondly.

I could go on all night, but the reality is we beat Texas....OH, and we’re going bowling!

Guns UP, Horns DOWN! Wreck ‘Em Tech - let’s enjoy this one for another 365 days.