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Defensive player of the game: Everyone

The entire defense deserves credit for a job well done Saturday.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

As I looked at the box score and rewatched film from the TCU game, I tried finding that one person that stood out among the rest like I usually do. I wanted to give the DPOW to Eli Howard for his QB pressure, forced fumble, and sack, but then I wanted to give it to Jah’Shawn Johnson for his many tackles. Then I thought, maybe the ‘Ball Hawk” Justus Parker deserves it again for consistently getting into the backfield and forcing his fumble or Vaughntae Dorsey for being the one to recover one finally. How about Broderick Washington Jr. and Mychaleon Thomas for consistently blowing up the TCU Oline. After racking my brain trying to figure out who stood out the most, I realized it’s time for the entire defense as a whole to get credit for the way they played on Saturday.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

This defense did all that they could to put the team in the position to win the game, limiting rushing opportunities, batting away passes, stripping the ball out of the hands of runners, the defense got after it. Lost in the great play was Dakota Allen and Jordyn Brooks once again doing what they have done all season which is give all out effort and raise the level of play from their linebacking positions.

This defense is extremely improved from last season and that in itself deserves an entire post, but for now I will give them their full credit with the Defensive players of the week.