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The Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs. No. 18 TCU

The saddle is BACK, folks!

Welcome back to the Anti-Preview folks! This time, however, the Red Raiders are out of our four loss slide and back on the winning path. And that all started with a Snyder-esque victory over last-ranked Baylor underneath one massive television. There is no better feeling than seeing a Texas Tech team working together and getting a win behind the confidence from all sides of the ball. I’m looking at you kicking team!! GOOD JOB MAN.

Impressive passing, dedicated receiving, and one hell of a fired-up defense (finger-wag time) launched Texas Tech back into momentum heading into this week’s match up. Now within one win of bowl eligibility this team is looking forward towards ending the season on the best note possible - not in Austin. To do that, they look to damn the torpedoes against....

TCU Kermit-wannabies

That’s right, short-term rival but long-term pain on our eastern side. They really wasted their chance to throw OU’s season down the sink and now look to come to Lubbock in hopes of bouncing back. Unfortunately, TCU is looking at some serious injuries around the board from their quarterback, linebackers, safety and running back.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

New guy Shawn Robinson is most likely going to step up for Kenny Hill in the event that he can’t start on Saturday. Does that bode well for this 806 defense? Probably, but maybe not - who cares... its anti-preview time.


Insert rage meme here oh ... wait I can do that.

“DANG 11AM GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!” I understand this is how many of you are feeling today. It is understandable. It is rightful. It is a cry for justice, but no one is listening. For that reason and that reason alone the suggested drink for you right now is a hot dram of chamomile tea. Brew it! Chug it! FEEL CALM. Are you calm? Okay now lets fast-forward to when Texas Tech beats TCU infront of a packed crowd in the Jones and we’re all heading out to our regularly scheduled Saturdays:

The Chilton

You may have heard of it but if you haven’t—it’s a West Texas gem. It has been referred to as “sunshine in a glass,” by Texas Monthly and aptly so. As the Red Raiders become bowl eligible you’re going to need a few sips of this to calm your nerves and get ready for another big game next weekend.

Get a highball glass, rim it with salt.

Fill it with ice.

Add some vodka, I don’t care how much just don’t complain to me if it tastes like Uncle Vasili’s gryaznoye bel'ye instead of an actual Chilton.

Add the juice of two lemons.

Fill the glass with soda water and stir ever so gently.



Following the course of national food of the day, November 18th holds actually one of my favorite dishes to prepare: Vichyssoise Soup, or Potage Parmentier. It’s a potato-leek soup invented in America by French chefs and named after the French town of Vichy. It’s a perfect summer/winter dish because it is intended to be served either hot or cold. You’ll be hard pressed to find it anywhere in Lubbock, but if you come by my house I’d be happy to make some for you! If you’re not into soups, well there’s always Spanky’s hamburgers.

Copyright Cristian Baitg


The best thing about this game for students is that there is a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport up for grabs at the beginning of the fourth quarter. No. I’m not kidding.

For the rest of the fans, this game could be our best chance to secure the sixth win for bowl eligibility. I would rather get it done at home with our own crowd versus trying to pick it up in Austin against a team that may or not be back.


  1. That tipped pass in the 2015 game was BULLCRAP AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
  2. They’re virtually Baylor’s Ft. Worth campus.
  3. Coach Patterson claimed that a frozen water bottle hit him in the head during TCU’s visit to Lubbock in 2015 - try to explain to me the physics of how somebody brought in a frozen water bottle and kept it frozen while it was 78 degrees and sunny.
  4. A “horned frog” isn’t even a real thing. They’re referring to the Texas horned lizard which is... a lizard. Huh, some biology courses they have.
  5. TCU has one of the most lackluster fan-bases I have ever seen and still manage to have decent sports.


Coach Kingbsury and Coach Patterson show us year after year that even though this matchup can cause a lot of frustration and celebration - at the end it’s still just a game. We’re not out of the race if this game doesn’t go our way, but we certainly won’t be upset if it does. With the little bit of release from the pressure on Kingsbury’s employment - expect to see a little more fluid play calling this Saturday as KK sticks to his plan for building this program.

Texas Tech v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images