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Tech’s win against Baylor nothing to scoff at

Offense grades after the Red Raiders snap a four game losing streak against the Baylor Bears.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Oh it feels so good to win. Yes it was Baylor, but this was a game where you not only needed to win, but win convincingly enough to carry momentum into the final stretch.

Here are the grades.

Quarterback. A

This was the best game by far for Shimonek, who went 24/29 for 246 yards and two touchdowns. Mistakes were virtually nonexistent as the fifth year senior threw zero interceptions and recorded a 83% completion rate. Shimonek's qb rating was 89% and I'll go ahead and round that up to an A.

Running Backs. B

From a numbers standpoint, the running backs did ok. Once again Tre King was the leading rusher with 67 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown. Nisby also had four touches for 18 yards. The biggest blemish was a fumble on the goal line by Tre King. It looked to me that he had broken the plane, but reaching out like that on second down was an unnecessary risk regardless.

Wide Receivers. A+

This group once again proved to be the best part of this offense with 246 total yards and two touchdowns. Dylan Cantrell was an all out beast with 11 catches for 94 yards. Cam Bardon and T.J. Vasher each recorded a touchdown. Of course who could leave out Keke Coutee’s 94 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. I honestly can't say anything about how consistently good this group has been this year. If Tech has a chance to go bowling, it will be in the hands of this group.

Offensive line. B

The offensive line continues to show improvement. They allowed eight tackles for a loss and two sacks, but still effectively won the battle in the trenches. Demarcus Fields had a false start, which was the only penalty committed by the o line. Overall this group continues to improve and you can't ask for more than that.

Extra credit

I don't grade special teams, but Clayton Hatfield needs to be on everyone's Christmas list. The kicker went 4/4 in extra points and nailed a 39 yard field goal, which was the first since the Kansas game. Field goals may be a huge factor in the coming weeks and it's good to have our All Big 12 kicker back on the field.