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Game Reaction: Kingsbury pulls a Snyder

Texas Tech now has win streak going over Baylor

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

For the second year in a row, Texas Tech handles the Baylor Bears winning 38-24. After two rough weeks of defensive play, the Red Raider defense looks much more like its early season self, forcing 4 turnovers and returning a fumble for a touchdown. Last week, Texas Tech led every stat category and lost... this week gets outgained by 200+ yards and wins by double digits. How un-Texas Tech and how very Bill Snyder.

Don’t say “Yeah, but it’s Baylor”: We know what records are worth when it comes to playing teams with more losses than wins. Tech ran into a 2-8 Iowa State team and got stomped. This 1-8 Baylor team almost beat Oklahoma and West Virginia, two teams that beat Tech by double digits. This Tech team needed a win and they did just that to get back to 5-5.

Won all 3 phases: Keke Coutee started the game with a kickoff return for a touchdown, Clayton Hatfield made the first FG since the Kansas game, Tech’s defense forced 4 turnovers and Shimonek was 24 for 29 and 2 TDs. Tech also never trailed in this game, setting the tone from start to finish.

Missed opportunites: Without a doubt there were missed opportunites to put the game out of reach a lot earlier. That fact isn’t missed on anyone especially Kliff Kingsbury who was so frustrated after going 3 and out (after the defense held on 4th down) that he gave whoever was on the other end of the headset (presumably Eric Morris) and earful. The Red Raiders held on two separate 4th down attempts by Baylor and ended up having to punt both times. Tech also, once again, fumbled on the 1 yard line and let Baylor hang around way too long.

Frustrated Kingsbury: Kingsbury was visable frustrated/exhausted right before going off on a coach in the booth. At this point, he’s pouring everything he has into this team and once again, the 4th quarter was unsurprisingly lacking on offense.

Players of the Game:

Nic Shimonek: 24/29 246 yards and 2 TDs

Douglas Coleman: Forced fumble and fumble recovery for TD

Clayton Hatfield: First made FG for Tech since October 7th

Texas Tech is back to 5-5 and needs just one win to get bowl eligibility. It stings knowing that if we hold onto leads against WVU and KSU that we could be 7-3. IN any event, TCU comes to town next weekend. It’s Senior Day and a large crowd will mean everything against a likely Top 10 opponent.