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Game Preview: Texas Tech vs Baylor

Texas Farm Bureau Shootout


Baylor (1-8, 1-5) and Texas Tech (4-5, 1-5) meet once again in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. What on paper seems like two very mismatched teams this year, is anything but as both Texas Tech and Baylor have the same conference record, with both wins coming against Kansas. What a sobering thought that is.

Baylor’s new head coach Matt Rhule has cleaned house and is slowly rebuilding Baylor from the ground up. Though navigating the offensive prowess of the Big 12 with two young quarterbacks, Baylor has been in every game save for two so far this year. Losing by 8 or less in four of their contests.

Unfortunately for Texas Tech fans, this game has all the trademarks of the 2016 Iowa State game. Last year, Iowa State welcomed Tech to Ames as a 2-8 team fresh off a win over Kansas. Sound familiar? After dropping two of the last 4 contests by blowing double digit 4th quarter leads, Texas Tech’s mentality has to be in question. Every game is an opportunity, but sometimes you just can’t get past nagging things that seem to signal doom is fast approaching.

Here’s the tale of the tape:


The Red Raiders will have to make a statement this game. They need a complete victory. Even in winning, if Baylor erases a deficit in the 4th to get them back within a possession or two, it might kill any confidence Tech is trying to build going into next week vs TCU, in Lubbock. We won’t even entertain the thought of the alternative.

Kingsbury and company responded last year after the loss to Iowa State in dominating fashion with a double digit win over Baylor in the season’s finale. A similar effort here would do a lot for this team and make them a very dangerous one entering the last two weeks.

The game will be televised on FSN at 11am.

Check the Texas Tech website for radio affiliates in your area.

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Enjoy the game and don’t forget to come hang with us during the game on the Gameday Thread or on Twitter @vivathematadors

Go Tech!