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The Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

The 11am bonanza!

If anybody else experienced an odd black-out throughout this last weekend, you aren’t alone. I can’t even remember playing the gooners of OU. Did we win? Ah well, talk about some stranger things happening. What I do know is that Texas Tech is sitting at 4-4 on the season (balance is important). So what’s next? Well it is as simple as you’re already thinking. Win. The Red Raiders have a couple of home games left with substantial opponents, one game at a neutral against the “Owens,”* and then a serious regular-season closer in the weird capitol of Texas.

Two are needed for a bowl and right now it seems like four are needed for the program to appear to be going in the right direction. A lot is on the line this season, and pressure is mounting! But while we’re trying to figure out how the Red Raiders ended up in the upside down, let’s take a look to our next opponent in this week’s anti-preview toooooo...

*Owen, for 0-8 Baylor


They’re 4-4. Losses have been close, but there’s still that looming “L” over the KSU coaches and players. Last weekend they battled it out in the Sunflower Showdown against in-state rival, Kansas. They managed to pull out the 30-20 win against a lackluster crowd in Lawrence, Kansas – But it is worth remembering that Texas Tech dominated Kansas 65-19. Is there a correlation? Probably not, but I’m remembering happier times.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding what QB Kansas State is going to throw out in the ring first this weekend in Lubbock, but Kingsbury has decided to prepare for the trio of Alex Delton, Skylar Thompson and, yes, Jesse Ertz. Ertz has been working hard lately to overcome a knee injury suffered earlier in the season and, if Snyder has his way, will play this weekend. But who cares about the game, let’s get down to the essentials!


Oh, glorious, another 11am game! Last time we had an 11am game I suggested coffee and subtly hinted at mimosas. That was when we were 4-2. We’re 4-4 now, so we’re just gonna jump off the deep end here.

Irish Coffee, the caife Gaelach.

Listen, listen, if any of you are “bartenders,” or whatever middle-man between me and the brew I want is: then this won’t sit well with you. Really, all I’m talking about is black coffee with a splash of whisky. I’ve seen a fair backlash to the idea of someone calling a whisky and coffee an “Irish coffee,” and if you don’t believe me then just peep through reddit. But you can’t convince me than some bloke in the countryside has a bottle of cream laying around, and then would even want a lump of it floating around in his morning wake up call. Or maybe he does, stop arguing with me!

We’re going to get the best of both worlds here, okay? So what you wanna do is wake up, and start making (or pick up) your favorite coffee. While the grounds are schmoozing with the hot water, peruse your liquor shelf – or stash, if you’re still in the dorms. Shh, don’t worry I won’t tell. You want a smooth whisky here so something like Tincup, Tullamore Dew or if you’re a big baller – some scotch. When your coffee is in its prime, put it in a warm mug.

Then what? Then you drink it, ya dingus. Wait I’m missing something? Ohhh the whisky. Yeah, I mean it’s an 11 am game, so I don’t care what you do with it. Certainly, don’t just pour it into the mug you animal! Or do, you animal.


November fourth, ironically…no, HILARIOUSLY is national candy day. Why is that so funny? Well, because the day before is national sandwich day and then the day after is national donut day. Being an 11 a.m. game I was hoping to bring all of you some kind of culinary creation with the national food—but no. We don’t live in Willy Wonka’s factory so I’m not going to sit here and write about how we should be eating candy for breakfast. If you are an animal though, and have already decided to live life on the edge (see drink recommendation) then we’re gonna break the rules here. A donut sandwich. YES. A. Donut. Sandwich.

November 3rd, November 5th, you guys are kick-a**, get out there and get our fans a win. November 4th, stop missing PATs, go sit on the bench.


After reading up on the weather forecast, we actually may be throwing it back all the way to 1916! The high for Saturday is projected to be around 82, and the high on this day in 1916 was 86. Neat. Either way, it’s going to be warm and sunny. Bring your warm and sunny clothes, people. (I really don’t know why I keep putting this section in here. Pretending you guys don’t have a weather app or something)


NCAA Football: Arizona State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

“Best” is a difficult word to press on this but both of our teams are 4-4 and fighting for bowl eligibility. Losses earlier in the season are easier to get over, but we aren’t in the early season; we’re in the closing chapter. Every win or loss from here on holds critical implications to the program as well as the coaching staff. So the best thing about this game, and the games going forward, is that we should see an increasing intensity in the team. What does that look like during the game? No idea, but maybe that means more successful field goal attempts! Hey hey hey, that would be nice.


1. It’s flatter than Lubbock, and a running joke is that it’s flatter than a pancake.

2. THEY CALL SOFT DRINKS “POP.” “Hey you want some pop?”.. “No, I don’t want your drugs!”.. “No, man, like coke or something.”.. “NO, I DON’T WANT DRUGS, HELP, SOMEBODY!”.. see how confusing this is?

3. Kansas has one of the most unobstructed views of the night-sky, and I’m upset we can’t have that. Give us your sky, Kansas. (Just kidding, it’s because no one lives in Kansas)

4. Kansas Jayhawk basketball. Constantly trying to figure out how that keeps happening.

5. The Kansas Territory was the last area of the United States to decide whether it would enter the USA as a free or a slave state. This pretty much caused a whole lot of violence for a few years, and quite possibly the coolest scene in the American political ring as Congressman Preston Brooks beat Congressman Charles Sumner with his cane right on the Senate floor. It was quite the ordeal. We blame you, Kansas.


There’s an incredible amount of weight this game has that sports networks won’t notice, and won’t bother to bring up. But I encourage everybody who will be able to go to the game, go and support this team’s efforts. It’s easy to compartmentalize our Saturdays as just another game day, but for these young men, it’s the culmination of all of their work in the summer/week. Talk about pressure! The least that the Texas Tech home crowd can do is be there a couple hours to express our hopeful confidence in their perseverance. Also, hey hey hey, basketball is getting started.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports