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Tech defense reverts back to old habits

Defensive grades against Oklahoma

Texas Tech v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

This game was a true test for the defense. Oklahoma was always going to be the toughest test they were going to face all year and they welcomed the challenge. There was many positives to take away from this game.

  1. Defense didn’t give up 50 points.
  2. Defense didn’t give up a field goal.
  3. Defense didn’t blow a fourth quarter lead.

That’s progress, right? RIGHT?! On a serious note, this game went about how you would expect it to go for the defensive side. Oklahoma still has the best offense in the conference, with the best (and most arrogant) quarterback in the conference, and now the Head Coach is even more willing to push the envelope on the offensive side of the ball. With these issues and an offense that can’t put up the amount of points we were used to seeing in recent year’s past, the troubling thing for the defense is seeing the team revert back to old habits of last year, especially in defending the run, and that must stop immediately.

Defensive Line

Welcome to primetime Kolin Hill! The defensive ends on this team have been the most improved group on the entire team. In non-conference, we saw the line relying on the duo of Broderick Washington & Mychealon Thomas, but now Eli Howard and Kolin Hill have proven to be just as dangerous. Howard came through with a big sack and Hill posted a career high 10 tackles! For an End to get 10 tackles really shows just how much area he covered in the game. Unfortunately, Baker was able to use his feet and make plays even when pressured and Oklahoma’s offensive line was able to create holes in the running game consistently.

Grade: B-


Jordyn Brooks and Dakota Allen combined for 23 tackles on the day, but the majority of those tackles came after Rodney Anderson had already gained 10 or so yards on the ground. Anderson finished the day with 181 yards and a touchdown and gashed the Tech front seven, as did Abdul Adams who racked up 95 yards on 10 carries. 336 yards rushing is the most this defense has given up since last year against Texas. Allen also didn’t make his usual mark on the passing game as he nor Brooks had any pass deflections. These guys will want to burn this tape quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Grade: D+


If I had to grade Justus Parker and Jah’Shawn Johnson by themselves this grade would be much higher. Johnson did a good job of limiting big offensive plays as he’s done all year and even layed the hammer on the Sooners a few times. Unfortunately, that hammer hit a little too hard as he was ejected in the third quarter trying to knock the ball out of CeeDee Lamb’s hands. I hate the targeting call, but still love Johnson’s aggressiveness, let’s just aim a little bit lower next time bud. Parker continued his great season with another interception, making it his third one in four games and also had five tackles for the third straight game. The only other Tech DB to have three straight 5 tackles game is the aforementioned Johnson. As for everyone else, it was a rough day. The number 9 will appear in Defensive Backs coach Karl Scott’s nightmares with the day Lamb had. Lamb finished the day with nine catches for 147 yards and two touchdowns, and as for that quarterback, he led the Sooners with 281 yards, four touchdowns and the W.

Grade: C