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Offensive player of the week: No one deserves it

This was such an ugly performance, I have a hard time “awarding” anyone

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The only difficulty I ever thought I would have writing this recurring story is choosing between any number of Tech’s explosive weapons to win Offensive Player of the Week.

But struggling to find even one player deserving of the award? Never crossed my mind. Yet, here we are.

When is the last time Texas Tech didn’t have a touchdown pass? 2014, actually. Three full seasons of Red Raider football. Unbelievable, considering this style of offense.

Because I obviously couldn’t award it to Nic Shimonek or any of the receivers, after all, they failed to each the end zone, I thought maybe I could give OPOTW to a running back. Tech’s best runner Saturday, Tre King, tallied 82 yards on just 4.1 yards per carry with no touchdowns. Not terrible, but certainly not worthy of any honors.

Desmond Nisby found the endzone, but only totaled 21 yards and averaged a measly 2.1 yards per carry. Not worthy.

And then you have Nic Shimonek, who didn’t find the end zone through the air but scrambled for a touchdown on the ground, but, again, his overall performance was thoroughly substandard.

I even considered the offensive line, but that lasted about .25 seconds (basically the same amount of time Shimonek had in the pocket) and the run blocking was not nearly as effective as it was in weeks past.

Shout out to Iowa State for doing something I didn’t think was possible: making me skip the Offensive Player of the Week award entirely. Mad props.

Get it together, Tech.