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Offense grades: Iowa State

Probably the worst game our offense has played since well... Iowa State

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Raider offense just couldn't stay out of their own way as costly mistakes proved to be too much to overcome.

Time to hand out the grades.

Quarterbacks: C-

Shimonek played an ok game, going 31/41 for 207 yards. He was also better on his feet and even scrambled for a touchdown in third quarter. However, it's never going to be a good day when the the quarterback doesn't throw a single touchdown pass. There was also the pick six that effectively killed any chance of a comeback by Texas Tech. If it wasn't for the interception and if Shimonek could maybe have thrown just one touchdown, this could have been a completely different game. Therefore, Shimonek gets a C-

Receivers: B

The receiver's started slow in The first half, but then picked it up in the second. Keke Coutee was the leading receiver with eight catches for 72 yards. The unit as whole averaged 6.7 yards a catch. Once again, critical mistakes played a part as Cam Batson had a drop on fourth down late in the game which stalled a potential comeback. Had he made the catch then it would have been first and goal inside the five and a chance to bring the score to 24-20. Other than that, the receivers played a decent game and so I'll give them a B.

Running Backs: D-

This was the most frustrating group to watch. They started strong with a touchdown by Nisby on the first drive. But then both Stockton and Nisby fumbled on back to back drives which, in my opinion, cost Tech the game. Were it not for the touchdown by Nisby this would have a solid F.

Offensive Line: D

The offensive line allowed 10 tackles for a loss and two sacks. They never allowed enough time for deep plays to develop which caused Shimonek to have to scramble or settle for short passes throughout the game. On the bright side, I only counted one false start against the o-line and the unit seems to have penalties in check now for the first time in the Kingsbury era. It's a young group and I have no doubt they will improve, but today they get a D.