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The Air Raid Podcast #103: Iowa State Recap

Recapping the loss to Iowa State


First of all, we have had a large number of people join the staff in the past week and a half and I'm still working on a new pod schedule going forward. That should all be set by the next pod. So for today, it's just Ryan. Believe it or not, it's a little weirder to do a one person pod than a two person pod, even with how it's set up, so apologies in advance for any issues we didn't catch.

Lots of talk on social media after the game, negative talk to be more precise. We get into that a bit as well as some Tech players reactions to the negative comments. We'll also hear from Kliff Kingsbury and Cameron Batson from the post game presser. And we'll take a look at when and where Texas Tech lost this game and it has nothing to do with Kliff Kingsbury.