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Tweets of the week: Mid-season awards

Time to take a look at the top tweeters for Red Raider nation.

Cyber Security Concerns In The Global Wake of Hacking Threat Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Taking a page from our friends at One Foot Down, we will begin to showcase some of the best Texas Tech tweets we see all week. Best way to start this journey is by recapping all the weeks we’ve missed and having a mid-season recap, and the best way to do so is by also giving out midseason #TexasTechTwitter awards.

Best Coach Follow - @rustywhitt

You like seeing videos of the team getting even more jacked (while licking their fingers because they just ate that set)? Then Coach Whitt is your man. His feed is full of player workouts and various player accomplishments throughout the season, not to mention a RT of a squirrel hiding his nut in a mountain dog (you have to follow him to get that exclusive action).

Best Player Follow- @LonzellG_94

Lonzell Gillmore has a well rounded twitter page from jokes to Tech football tweets to support of his high school team. Just don’t try to come at him talking down on Tech football.

Best Media Follow- @AJ_DonWilliams

Don Williams is the OG of Lubbock sports media. He usually gets exclusives with coaches and players, etc. and asks questions the people need to know.

Best college page follow- @TexasTechFB

Whoever runs the account for Tech football needs a raise ASAP. These tweets always come when necessary sharing new awards, accomplishments, and information needed for every game. Not to mention, this accounts shows practice tape and gets you hyped for the upcoming Saturday. If you’re not following Tech football, are you really part of #TexasTechTwitter?

Best Blog Follow- @VivaTheMatadors

We’re so happy to accept this award, first off I have to thank my mom.....Viva is the best blog to follow as we are the total package. We’re funny, informative, talented, creative, and humble. Don’t just take our word for it, read and follow!

Make sure to follow the blog and the entire team below!