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AP Top 25: shaken, not stirren

With the fall of USC, we have a new Top-5 team

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Lebanon Daily News-USA TODAY NETWORK

Week 5 is in the books, and gave us strong indication about the top teams, as Alabama demolished Ole Miss, Clemson dominated a tough Virginia Tech team, and Penn State showed a dominant Saquon Barkley, who’s now the front runner for the Heisman Trophy.

Unsurprisingly, these three teams lead the wekly rankings, alongside Oklahoma. The only top-5 team to lose was USC against Washington Stare, and the Trojans were replaced by Georgia, that stunned Tennessee.

The Big 12 doesn’t suffer changes, as all the three teams in the AP ranking maintain their position, with the Sooners in 3rd place, Oklahoma State in 15th, and West Virginia in 23rd.

Texas Tech lost to the Cowboys, but this defeat didn’t affect the consideration the media have for the Red Raiders, as they collected 10 votes, earning a virtual 29th position.

  1. Alabama (-)
  2. Clemson (-)
  3. Oklahoma (-)
  4. Penn State (-)
  5. Georgia (+2)
  6. Washington (-)
  7. Michigan (+1)
  8. TCU (+1)
  9. Wisconsin (+1)
  10. Ohio State (+1)
  11. Washington State (+5)
  12. Auburn (+1)
  13. Miami (+1)
  14. USC (-9)
  15. Oklahoma State (-)
  16. Virginia Tech (-4)
  17. Louisville (-)
  18. South Florida (-)
  19. San Diego State (-)
  20. Utah (-)
  21. Florida (-)
  22. Notre Dame (+1)
  23. West Virginia (-)
  24. North Carolina State (NR)
  25. UCF (NR)