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Texas Tech offense limited in loss to Oklahoma State

The Red Raider offense has a rough night in a close game against Oklahoma State

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


If you just look at Nic Shimonek’s stat line, it would seem he had an average game. Over 300 yards, almost 30 completions, and just a single interception. However, according to the eye test, it wasn’t as good. There were some throws that were missed, a bad interception at a crucial point in the game, and another slow start to the game. On the final drive of the game, when Shimonek had a chance to crate a legacy and send the game into overtime, but instead was flushed out of the pocket multiple times ending the game.

Grade: C+

Running Backs

When your longest rush of the game is 14 yards, and it’s by your quarterback, there’s an issue with how the run game was executed. Stockton averaged less than 2.5 yards per carry and Tre King wasn’t much better with 12 yards on 4 carries. Coming into the game and after seeing what TCU was able to do on the ground, we should have been able to run the ball more effectively, but credit the Cowboys for shutting down any semblance we had a t a running game. In years past, Tech has abandoned the run game when it hasn’t been working, but this year, Kingsbury has stuck with it so the defense doesn’t sell out to stop the pass.

Grade: D

Offensive Line

The youth of the offensive line was evident as the line had another sub par game, limiting the pocket for Shimonek, and not being able to create holes for the running backs. The line is young, and they show promise at times, but the execution for a whole game has not been there as of yet. Penalty wise, the group as a whole was great, with just a single false start, and no holding calls.

Grade: C

Wide Receivers

The biggest news for the receiver group was the injury to Keke Coutee. Keke is the true backbone of the receiving corps, and as Keke goes, the offense goes. Today, Kingsbury announced he’s day to day and isn’t sure on his status for the game in Lawrence. No receiver this week had over 100 yards, and Cameron Batson led the team with 84 yards on 6 catches. In a game where the offense as a whole needed to be better, the receivers were not immune.

Grade: C+