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The Air Raid Podcast #101: West Virginia Recap

Recapping Texas Tech’s loss to West Virginia


It can definitely be frustrating to lose a game that was so well in hand with just one quarter to go. The emotional reaction from the fan base was certainly understandable... to a point. So as we break down some of the bright spots and where it all went wrong, hopefully we can add a little perspective to the season in the midst of this defeat. Texas Tech's defeat certainly wasn't the only upset across the country this past weekend (Even though being and underdog by 3.5 points, let's call it an upset). Three Top 10 teams with their eyes on the playoff were given their first losses of the season in very surprising fashion. If you take the loss to Tech and compare it to the losses suffered by Clemson, Washington and Washington St... Tech fell to by far the best opponent.

It doesn't quell the frustration knowing we let one get away, but it doesn't take away from all the great signs of progress from the first half of the season, nor does it spell doom for the next six games. Every game is different. So let's dive into it.