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Offensive player of the week: Nisby the Touchdown machine

Redzone woes might be a thing of the past.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The running game as a whole was on fire on Saturday. Both Desmond Nisby and Justin Stockton had career days and made big plays. Stockton ran for a career high 161 yards and a score, while also being a force on screen plays. However, even with the tremendous game from Stockton, this week’s POTW must go to the man who ran to the end zone FOUR times.

Nisby was a force throughout the game and helped crush any redzone ghosts of the past by scoring three redzone touchdown. His most impressive touchdown came fomr 47 yards out however and he broke through the line and showed his speed to break away.

Hoping to see more scored from the big man going forward, take a bow Nisby!