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Red Raider Nation hit by tragedy Monday night

How you can help Officer Floyd’s family in this time of despair

On Monday evening it was reported that the University was on lockdown due to an active shooter incident. As more information was reported, it became clear that all was not well, and officer Floyd East, Jr was killed in the line of duty, protecting our great school and the community around it.

It has become too common recently for terrible violence to strike, but most of us have not been affected as directly as this. All of Red Raider Nation is in mourning today from this senseless act of violence.

The greatest part of our family is that we can come together and help out when it is needed. All of West Texas is coming together to help out the school, and people are asking how to directly help the family if they can. Kyle Jacobson, former site manager here at Viva the Matadors, has set up a go fund me memorial fund to help out the East family. A family friend has reached out to Kyle and will put him in contact with the officer’s wife, who will receive the funds directly. If you are able, please consider donating and sharing with family and friends.