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Big 12 power rankings: upsets and nail-biters disrupt order

OU chokes away an easy victory, Texas wins in OT and Tech takes care of business

Iowa State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

What a great weekend of action.

For the record, anytime Oklahoma loses in anything, it’s just a really good day for everyone involved. So if you see an unusual amount of smiling around Big 12 campuses this week, well, that’s why.

Meanwhile, Texas Tech blew out Kansas (not always as easy a task as it seems) and Kansas State dropped one on the road in overtime against Texas.

Ultimately, the most meaningful game appears to be the one no one is talking about - the TCU Horned Frogs beating a very challenging West Virginia group. TCU is undoubtedly feeling pretty confident heading into their next matchup against Kansas State on the road.

With that said, let’s see how last weekend’s action affected the conference power rankings:

1. TCU Horned Frogs (-)

Kenny Hill looked sloppy but that Gary Patterson defense is something else.

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+1)

The Pokes didn’t play this week, but move up a spot thanks to the joke that is Oklahoma football.

3. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+2)

There’s no homerism here. Texas Tech has one loss this season, and it’s against the team one spot ahead of them. This is just plain logic.

4. Texas Longhorns (+2)

Sam Ehlinger is a gamer, and the Horns beat a quality Kansas State team in overtime. Still not sold on Texas, but a good win, notwithstanding.

5. Oklahoma Sooners (-3)

Ohhh I don’t even know where to begin here. Baker Mayfield’s blown chance at a Heisman? The Sooners’ otherwise dead playoff hopes? How do you lose to Iowa State??? At home???!?!?5634723??!

6. Iowa State Cyclones (+2)

Look, this time next month, Iowa State will be back at or near the bottom of these rankings, but let them enjoy this huge win against the Sooners.

7. West Virginia Mountaineers (-3)

You know your conference is deep when West Virginia is your seventh-best team. The Mountaineers will move back up in the rankings in due time, but they definitely wish they could have that TCU game back.

8. Kansas State Wildcats (-1)

You’re only as good as your record is, and K-State is 3-2 and .500 in conference play. The Wildcats are going to need some statement wins to get back in the conversation as Big 12 title contenders.

9. Kansas Jayhawks (-)

KU got stomped by Texas Tech, but they still played better than Baylor. Yes, I know Baylor was on a bye. That’s how bad the Bears are.

10. Baylor Bears (-)

Cool, a bottom dweller team got the week off. Nothing to see here.