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Anthony Lynn wins his first NFL game

Former Red Raider leads his Chargers over the Giants

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Current Chargers coach Anthony Lynn has a great background, from his early days as a star back for Celina High School, to playing 4 years in Lubbock. Now he finds himself as head coach in LA as the team looks to transition from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Early Years in Celina and Lubbock

Lynn was born in McKinney, and played high school ball for Celina as their star running back. He ended up in Lubbock, playing for the Red Raiders from 1988-1991 in the Southwest Conference. He ended his career with almost 2000 rushing yards and over 2200 total yards of offense, but his big year came in 1990 as a junior. He had 884 yards on the ground and another 150 receiving to be named All-Conference that year. Unfortunately he injured his knee as a senior and was not drafted.

Professional Career

However, a little knee injury would not slow Lynn down, as he played six seasons in the NFL with Denver and San Francisco. He was part of the Broncos back to back Super Bowl winning teams in 1997 and 1998. Injuries would pile up on the heavy runner, and he retired in 2000 to join the Broncos as a special teams assistant. He ended his pro career with just 28 carries and 177 yards.

Beginnings as a Coach

Lynn spent just 3 years in Denver before becoming the running backs coach in Jacksonville. After a couple seasons there, he joined Parcells in Dallas to be the Cowboys running backs coach. Before he ended up in Buffalo, he would coach in Cleveland and for the Jets, joining Rex Ryan in Buffalo. Ryan trusted him, and made him an assistant head coach as well as offensive coordinator in 2016. When Rex was fired, Lynn became head coach for a game. At the end of last season, Lynn was named “the NFL’s hottest coaching candidate” by the USA Today. As a running back coach he worked with players such as Fed Taylor, Julius Jones, Jamal Lewis, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Accident with Dallas

While Lynn was with the Cowboys he was involved in a drunk driving hit and run after a session in training camp. After the car he was riding in was struck, he flew 50 feet out of the vehicle and into a parked car. Suffering from 2 collapsed lungs, 3 broken ribs, facial and shoulder damage, and temporary paralysis. However a little accident like this didn’t stop Lynn, as he spent just 2 weeks in the hospital. Lynn is a tough individual, and loves the pounding style of a rushing attack. He grew up guided by a grandfather who was a farmer and taught Lynn the importance of hard work and accountability, the very characteristics of a Red Raider.

Head Coaching Job

At the end of the 2015 season Lynn interviewed for the head job with Miami and the Jets. A year later he interviewed with San Francisco. At this point it was only a matter of time before he became head coach. He took the job in San Diego just as the team announced they were moving to LA, a hard position for a first time head coach to be in. Even more difficult is how strong the AFC West is, with Kansas City and Denver having very strong teams, and the dangerous Raiders as well. In 3 losses to Miami, Denver, and Philadelphia, the Chargers lost by a combined 7 points. Finally this week the Chargers beat the Giants on the road and Coach Lynn won his first game a s ahead coach.

Congratulations Coach.