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Storming the court is fun

Calling all fun police to the comments section.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Court storming: when the collective fandom of the arena is so intense that it cannot be contained to the bleachers. After Texas Tech’s upset of seventh ranked West Virginia the Red Raider faithful stormed the court to celebrate with the team.

On twitter a collective of folks while made online declared their displeasure with the court storming fans. Their claim was that it implies that we weren't supposed to beat them.

To that claim I'll refer the kind tweeters to the rankings, in which West Virginia was ranked 7 and Texas Tech was not ranked.

Though court storming usually comes in big upset wins, I wouldn't be opposed to it happening during big wins in general. If we were ranked ahead of a top 10 team and we beat them in a thrilling OT victory at home I’d rush the heck out of the court.

Arguments against court storming and other things of that nature almost always fall short because they try to police fandom. Telling fans how to properly celebrate a top 10 win usually doesn't go over very well.

Fandom is a curious beast, everyone expresses their fandom in different ways. This is true in wins, losses, and off seasons. Some screen, spin around and hug strangers in big wins, and that's fine. Others own haters on twitter dot com and that's also fine.

Telling others how to be a fan is like telling someone how to live their life. As a millennial, I can tell you we don't take kindly to that kind of nonsense.

Be a fan in whatever way works for you, don't get mad at a bunch of college kids for having fun in a huge win.

Never let the fun police keep you down, Tech students. Just remember they have no legal authority and continue storming to your heart's content.