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Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

Who’s up, who’s down?

We are getting down to crunch time. This is the time where teams need to either make a tournament run, or they will quickly fall through the cracks. So where does everyone stack up?

  1. Kansas (18-1): Last week’s ranking, 1. 18 game win streak, what more can you say? They handle Texas, 79-67.
  2. Baylor (18-1): Last week’s ranking, 3. Baylor is playing some really good ball right now. They didn’t exactly dominate TCU, but they were able to pull away late against a decent TCU team. They win again, 62-53.
  3. Kansas State (15-4): Last week’s ranking, 7. Well, Kansas State has not only emerged as the best middle of the pack team (at least for now), but they have broken their way into the top three. I put them ahead of West Virginia because they were able to knock them off at home, not too shabby. They get the upset, 79-75.
  4. West Virginia (15-4): Last week’s ranking, 2. West Virginia is still a good team, I’m not doubting that at all, but facts are facts, and they have lost two straight. They are the most beatable big dog right now.
  5. Texas Tech (14-5): Last week’s ranking, 6. Maybe I’m being too generous, I don’t know. Yes, Tech’s lose to OSU at home was UGLY. Yes, I could (or should) have put TCU above us. However, I can’t justify putting them under a 12-6 Iowa State, and I think they are going to bouce back and give Baylor a fight. We shall see.
  6. TCU (14-5): Last week’s ranking, 4. TCU was able to hang with Baylor for most of the game, but Baylor prooved to be too much towards the end. I still think TCU is a good team, but they are still a year or so from contending towards the top of the conference. They fall to Baylor, 53-62.
  7. Iowa State (12-6): Last week’s ranking, 5. This ranking is purely due to record, 12-6 isn’t the hottest start in the world. They went into Oklahoma and were able to knock off the Sooners in a close game, but that’s not a whole lot to brag about. They get a much needed road win, 92-87.
  8. Oklahoma State (11-8): Last week’s ranking, 10. You’ve got to give it up to OSU this week. They came to Lubbock and completely dominated Tech, and Tech is a pretty good squad. Unfortunately, it is their only conference win, but if they can keep playing like they did don’t look past OSU to make a run at the big dance.
  9. Oklahoma (8-10): Last week’s ranking, 8. These last two teams are stuggling to say the least. They both went from the big dance to under 500, and I don’t expect them to get above that mark this season. Oklahoma lost a tough one to Iowa State, 87-92.
  10. Texas (7-12): Last week’s ranking, 9. It’s been a tough year so far, and I don’t expect it to get any better for Texas. They have now dropped five straight games, and it’s hard to recover from that. I hope they get confortable, because they are going to be here for awhile. They drop their latest game to Kansas, 79-67.