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The Big 12 isn’t what we thought it would be

Going into the season the conference looked wide open for the taking. So far it has proved otherwise.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Before this basketball season started, the Big 12 looked like a conference without a clear runaway leader. Big programs like Kansas, West Virginia, and Oklahoma all lost significant leaders on their teams to graduation.

A Longhorn team under Shaka Smart still looked to be getting its footing and Baylor was enigmatic. Texas Tech came in with a new coach but Red Raider fans felt confident in their experienced squad that this was the year to make a big splash.

So far this season hasn’t turned out to look anything like what we expected in the preseason. Kansas with a young group is dominating like most Bill Self teams do, West Virginia is once again solid and Baylor is playing spectacular basketball.

Texas Tech boasted an experienced team of upperclassmen with a great deal of experience. Tubby Smith gave this year’s juniors significant playing experience in crucial games last season. This experience gave Tech fans confidence that this team would do serious damage in this ferocious conference.

It hasn’t quite turned out that way this season. Tech is 14-5 with a losing record in conference and just suffered a beat down at home to Oklahoma State who was 0-6 in conference before that game.

Tech might not be where they thought they’d be, but there is still plenty of season left for a turnaround. A road win over Baylor would be a great place to start. It’s time to get back to business.