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VTM Staff Picks: Texas Tech vs Kansas

Ok Bye Week, go home. It’s time for football again

NCAA Football: Stephen F. Austin at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In the last game, the staff’s picks averaged out to 54ish-28ish TTU over LaTech. Our offensive numbers were close (59-45 actual score), but we overestimated our defense, or underestimated their offense. Can we get it right this week?

Drew Borsellino

Texas Tech's offense will continue to put up video game like stats against lowly Kansas. It'll be interesting to see which Red Raider defense shows up. I think we'll the Louisiana Tech-game defense but luckily for Tech, Kansas' offense isn't very impressive. The Red Raiders win this one easily.

Tech 69, Kansas 24

Kyle Jacobson

Texas Tech's offense does what it normally does and hangs 63 on the Jayhawks. And while I think the Tech defense still isn't awe inspiring, they'll hold Kansas to a respectable amount, leading to a big win for the Red Raiders. Texas Tech has this one in hand by halftime.

Texas Tech 63, Kansas 24

Drew Parker

Kansas in Lubbock, 56-10 win for Tech. Kansas is nothing more than a speed bump, especially since we are playing them at home, no trap game for us. I don't expect us to stumble on them like we have before. We will have ease scoring, and they just don't have the same talent level on offense, clearly.

Austin Jordan

Tech should have no trouble opening up Big 12 play with a win over the Jayhawks. I'm throwing out last year's close result and saying that the Red Raiders take care of business at home. The running back situation is what I'm interested in here and Kliff should use this game as a way to figure out the ground attack going forward.

Final Score: Texas Tech 52, Kansas 24

Eric Linthicum

Texas Tech 63, Kansas 31

I love Thursday night college football! There is not much you can say about Kansas except the only direction for their program is up. I thought KU would be better this year, but I am not so sure that is the case. I feel pretty confident the Jayhawks will not get their first Big 12 win since November 8, 2014 this Thursday night.

Brice Paterik

Tech starts off firing on all cylinders to take a huge lead. The defense shows steps of improvement with an off week to fix some of the lingering issues. Kansas is unable to put a dent in the scoring machine and the Jayhawks are forced into a few turnovers trying to play catch up.

Red Raiders cruise to a 63-17 victory.

Ryan Smith

In what has been a dreadful game for Kingsbury's team in recent history shapes up as expected to this year. No struggling offense or crazy back and forth game this year. Tech and Mahomes look solid in the opener on national television. We finally see the stable of running backs break loose and have a day rushing for a total over 300 yards. Stockton, Felton, Dauphine and White all have TDs as Tech cruises to victory.

Texas Tech 59, Kansas 28

Jonathan Althaus

This will not be a close contest, or a good game. Tech will come out firing on all cylinders on offense, and the defense will be wanting to make a statement, and finally get some non-FCS turnovers. Pat will pull a Lamar Jackson, with 5 TD's at the half. After another quick strike in the 3rd, Shimonek will finish the game, as Tech cruises to an easy conference win. Final score 72-17. Go #TeamOptimism

Hunter Cooke

Kansas looked better than trash at the beginning of the season, but they look like they've gone back to previous years of Kansas ineptitude lately. While the Texas Tech defense hasn't been incredible lately, I think we can limit Kansas. Thursday Night Magic is a myth. Lubbock is the Bermuda Triangle of college football. Texas Tech wins, 56-24.

Maitland Rutledge

Oh those lowly Jayhawks. Kansas went 0-12 last year and they're off to a 1-2 start this year. Kansas did give Texas Tech a scare in Lawrence last year, but I think this year will be a better game for Tech against this team. Kingsbury talked about how he is using last year's lackluster performance to motivate the team for Thursday night. The Red Raiders will pull away from Kansas in the middle of the second quarter and go to 3-1 on the season.

Texas Tech 52 Kansas 20

Overall Prediction

The staffers pick average out to Tech over Kansas 60.5-21.9. A 61-22 win would be acceptable to most, as holding KU to around 20 would be seen as a good game for the defense, depending on the yards allowed. 63 was the most common point prediction for Tech, and 24 the most common for Kansas.

What do you think? Will this game go as we predicted, or will it be another close game like in seasons past?