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Week 5 Big 12 Power Rankings

Conference play has finally begun...

Well, we’re finally out of the regretful non-conference period for the Big 12. Conference games will give struggling teams a chance to rebound, and the race for the Big 12 title is wide open. After having some fun with the power rankings last week, now we’re back to business.

1. Baylor [4-0]: W 35-24 vs. Oklahoma State (LW: 10)

The Bears are 4-0 and have arguably the most impressive win in the entire conference after topping Oklahoma State. That’s pretty sad, but it is what it is.

2. West Virginia [3-0]: W 35-32 vs. BYU (LW: 5)

The bar is certainly lower than it’s probably ever been, but West Virginia is undefeated and has two of the Big 12’s best non-conference wins over Missouri and BYU.

3. Oklahoma [1-2]: BYE (LW: 8)

Despite a disappointing non-conference performance, the Sooners are talented and have the ultimate opportunity to hit the reset button and focus their sights solely on a Big 12 title.

4. Texas [2-1]: BYE (LW: 4)

“Texas is back, folks.” Or so it was declared after they beat Notre Dame in overtime. The Fighting Irish are now 1-3, and that Longhorn victory is looking weaker and weaker every day.

5. Oklahoma State [2-2]: L 24-35 @ Baylor (LW: 9)

The Cowboys defense held Baylor in check relatively well. But the offense was extremely turnover prone and couldn’t capitalize on opportunities. With the Big 12 in flux, they’ll still have chances to win some games.

6. TCU [3-1]: W 33-3 @ SMU (LW: 7)

TCU has played some pretty good halves of football and some pretty bad halves of football. Until they are more consistent one way or the other, they’ll probably stay towards the middle of the conference.

7. Texas Tech [2-1]: BYE (LW: 6)

Right now, Texas Tech is what it is; the best offense in the nation and the worst defense in the Big 12 (probably). Until the defense improves, they’ll be stuck toward the middle/bottom of the conference.

8. Kansas State [2-1]: W 35-0 vs. Missouri State (LW: 3)

I’m at a loss for what kind of team Kansas State is. They played tough with a Stanford team that I think is perennially overrated and beat up on two cupcakes. I’ll wait until they prove something before moving them up any higher.

9. Iowa State [1-3]: W 44-10 vs. San Jose State (LW: 2)

Iowa State is the last team in the Big 12 to find the win column, and they did it in convincing fashion.

10. Kansas [1-2]: BYE (LW: 1)

Kansas usually gives Texas Tech a good fight, but their best chance to win another game this season isn’t until they play Iowa State.