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Media Recap - Week 4

Kliff Kingsbury, Patrick Mahomes and Justis Nelson meet with the media during their weekly press conference to discuss the short week and their upcoming matchup with Kansas.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Kliff Kingsbury, Patrick Mahomes and Justis Nelson met with the media leading into the Kansas game. One thing Kliff noted last week was that they would push everything up two days since the game is Thursday, so Saturday was their Monday and yesterday was their Wednesday.

Kliff Kingsbury

  • I’ve seen a lot of bashing of Tech’s special teams play, but Kliff likes where they are and thinks they’ve been great this year. I think it’s easy to point at a couple failed returns against ASU and critique Batson’s decision making, but overall I agree with Kliff
  • Kliff noted that they’re still struggling with consistency issues but will have to get better as they get into conference play
  • He notes that he’s been showing their lackluster performance against Kansas last year as motivation, and that Kansas is a better team than they were last year and bring more energy than they have in the past
  • He said the energy was great this week, and hopes the atmosphere is the same as it was the last Thursday night game (against TCU in 2013)
  • He has a great response to the firing of Les Miles

Patrick Mahomes and Justis Nelson

  • Pat talked about the physicality Kansas brought last year and that they have to bring that this Thursday
  • Pat touched on the balance of the offense and how he’s happy with it and taking what the defense gives them
  • He noted that penalties were a focus during the bye week. This is great as Tech looked sloppier against La. Tech than we’ve seen in a while
  • Justis notes that the focus has been on turnovers for the defense. They had good practices over the bye week and have been focused on tipping passes and hopefully some bounce their way against Kansas and going into conference play
  • Justis said they haven’t played their best football yet and the Big 12 is wide open. I agree with Justis, as I really think there isn’t much separation between teams one through eight