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Week 4 Big 12 Power Rankings

With the league a total mess, let’s have some fun...

The Big 12 is off to its worst start in recent memory. If we consider Notre Dame and Houston as Power 5 schools, the Big 12 went 3-7 against Power 5 competition during its non-conference slate thus far. The conference’s marquee non-conference victory was Texas’ win over Notre Dame, now 1-2 and apparently overrated like they often are.

The Big 12’s other flag-bearer, Oklahoma, lost to both Houston and Ohio State, and neither game was really even that close. Other schools realistically expected to contend for a conference title this year – TCU and Oklahoma State – lost at home to Arkansas and Central Michigan, respectively.

All in all, from top to bottom, the conference is in for a down season. Someone is going to win the conference, likely with a 10-2 record or worse. I could even see two or three 9-3 teams winning a share of the title. The Big 12 is in bad shape and already pretty much out of the playoff discussion before conference play even begins.

Unless Baylor or West Virginia finishes undefeated, or Texas finishes 11-1 (neither of which is likely to happen), you can kiss a spot in the playoff goodbye. So this week’s power rankings are going to be very different than in weeks past. Take them too seriously and you’ll wind up #MadOnline

1. Kansas [1-2]: L 7-43 @ Memphis (LW: 9)

Kansas lost to UNDEFEATED Memphis. But that 55 point win over Rhode Island earlier is just too much for me to overlook.


2. Iowa State [0-3]: L 20-41 @ TCU (LW: 10)

I like the Cyclones just fine and don’t want to be too mean to them.

3. Kansas State [1-1]: W 62-7 vs. Florida Atlantic (LW: 8)

Y’all looked awesome against Florida Atlantic and your head coach is a wizard.

This man should never retire, he’s still got it

4. Texas [2-1]: L 43-50 @ Cal (LW: 1)

Honestly at 2-1 with a real-life Matt Saracen at quarterback, you’ve already exceeded expectations for this season.

NCAA Football: Texas at California
If Matt Saracen were real, he’d be Shane Buechele
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

5. West Virginia [2-0]: BYE (LW: 3)

The Mountaineers’ ability to not lose while on bye last weekend was sadly one of the high points for the Big 12 this September.

“Didn’t lose on bye week, heck yeah!”

6. Texas Tech [2-1]: W 52-42 vs. Louisiana Tech (LW: 6)

The Red Raiders are probably going to score 100 points at some point this season… And may or may not win that game.

When you score 50 and lose by double digits...

7. TCU [2-1]: W 41-20 vs. Iowa State (LW: 5)

You gave up 41 points to South Dakota State earlier this season and only had 41 fans in attendance at kickoff last weekend.

8. Oklahoma [1-2]: L 24-45 vs. Ohio State (LW: 4)

Good on Oklahoma for playing two tough non-conference games this year. Bad on “Big Game” Bob Stoops for losing both of them fairly convincingly.

9. Oklahoma State [2-1]: W 42-35 vs. Pittsburgh (LW: 7)

Y’all lost to Central Michigan on a play that shouldn’t have happened (but you let it happen anyway) after they should have beat you in regulation anyway but tried their best not to. Easily the Big 12’s most embarrassing non-conference moment (and there were tons).

10. Baylor [3-0]: Whatever the score was (who cares?) @ Rice (LW: 2)

Y’all haven’t scheduled anyone with a pulse for a non-conference game in five years. You deserve this. Do better. Be better. You’re not Kansas, anymore, Dorothy. Play a real opponent.