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This Week In The Big 12

The Red Raiders have a bye, but here is what's going on with the rest of the Big 12 this week.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly as we enter week 4 the Big 12 is almost completely out of the playoff picture. Once again the Big 12 struggled in the big games with UT and OU losing on Saturday night. This week brings us a lot of teams with byes and a good mix of conference/non-conference games. As it stands now the Big 12 is wide open for the taking and I honestly do not know who the favorite is right now.

Baylor vs Oklahoma State - Saturday 6:30

BU won 38-10 against a powder puff and OSU squeaked by power five school Pitt on Saturday. Since it has taken Baylor until game 4 to have a quality opponent I am picking OSU to win this one on the road.

Kansas - Off

KU lost to Memphis badly making it three losses in a row. KU has the weekend off to prepare for a Thursday night match up against the Red Raiders.

Kansas State vs Missouri State - Saturday 6:00

KSU is coming off an impressive offensive performance on Saturday when they absolutely dominated FAU and won 63-7. The Wildcats get one more tune up game this weekend before conference play begins.

Iowa State vs San Jose State - Saturday 11:00

ISU lost convincingly to TCU and this week return to non-conference play. Things are not going well for the Cyclones in September with the 0-3 start. If they cannot manage a win against SJSU then it might be November before they have a chance to win another game when they face Kansas.

Oklahoma - Off

Lots of troubles in Sooner land with the 1-2 start. This will be a long bye week as they prepare to travel to TCU on October 1st.

TCU @ SMU - Friday 7:00

I have always thought Friday was for high school football, especially in Texas, so this is very annoying. I have tried to think of a scenario that has SMU winning this one, but it simply isn't a possibility. TCU wins big on the road.

Texas - Off

After a big loss on another controversial game ending play the Longhorns have the week off. Two Saturdays ago Oklahoma State got screwed and last Saturday UT got screwed. It amazes me with all the technology the ends of these games are still not right. If you need a refresher you can read about it here in the Dallas Morning News .

Texas will enjoy the bye week as they get ready for OSU on Oct 1st. It seems OSU always gives the Longhorns trouble so the extra week of prep will be much needed.

West Virginia vs BYU 2:30

WVU will have their first true test of season Saturday when they take on BYU (1-2). Yes BYU has two losses, but they beat Arizona and have losses to Utah and UCLA so that is a pretty good early season schedule. I am very interested to see how this one turns out. If WVU handles BYU then they will move right to the top of the discussion as a team that can win the Big 12.

Texas Tech - Off

After a win against La Tech our boys get some time off and then will begin preparing for conference play. Up first will be the Kansas Jayhawks next Thursday night.