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Media Recap Leading into the Bye Week

There was no scheduled Monday press conference because of the upcoming bye week, but Kliff Kingsbury did meet with the media following practice where he hit on a few key topics. 

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the upcoming bye week, there was no scheduled Monday press conference for Coach Kliff Kingsbury and two players. Coach Kingsbury did meet with the media after practice though where he discussed a few key points.

  • Kliff noted that he didn’t like the way the team finished the first half or the game, allowing scoring drives on both. I think in the last two games this has been a problem, shifting momentum, especially at the end of the first half, and allowing a team to score and then get the ball after the half.
  • He said that wide receiver blocking has been much better the last two weeks.
  • When asked about Douglas Coleman and Desmon Smith, he noted that they looked a little lost at first but keep getting better. I think this is extremely important, as they have the talent to play a major role in this defensives success moving forward.
  • Keenon Ward will be out a minimum of two weeks, while Terrence Steele is day-to-day and DJ Polite-Bray will be ready for the Kansas game.
  • Offensive penalties were a problem this week and looked like teams of year’s past.
  • Kliff was very non-committal on giving more carries to Demarcus Felton, but given his performance this week it’s hard to imagine he won’t be playing a much larger role in the offense moving forward.

National Media

Really cool to see Davis have success at Cal. He’s a Bear now, but will always be a Red Raider. But just as it was last year while both were in Lubbock, Patrick is just a little better.

Power Rankings: The boys over at the ESPN Big 12 blog have Tech coming in at eighth in their power rankings, while David Ubben has them seventh.

Different perspectives: I think fanbases get in their own world and think their team can control everything. Our defense is bad, I’m admitting that, but some offenses we play are really good and not many defenses are able to stop them, let alone ours. Looking at articles coming out of Louisiana, they were quick to blame the La. Tech defense for the loss instead of recognizing how great the Texas Tech offense is. As a Tech fan, I never once thought, this La. Tech offense is bad, a mediocre defense should be stopping us. I feel our offense was unstoppable, while Bulldog fans look at the opposite. It’s a natural reaction for fanbases, it’s just interesting how we each have different perspectives.