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Five Thoughts On Texas Tech 59, Louisiana Tech 45

Good win. Nothing else matters.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Giles’s Big Game.

What a first half from the young wideout. He didn’t have more than 100 yards receiving in a single game ever. He had over 100 in the first quarter, and scored 3 times. He also threw a wicked block on the Cantrell touchdown that took out two defenders. This was the best game he’s ever played by far.

2. I Like Mixing Up Stockton, Felton, And White.

The running back by committee approach seems to be working better for Texas Tech. Stockton is still the #1 guy, but it seems like he had a much shorter leash in terms of getting more stout players in on third down. This is going to help our running game a huge amount down the road.

3. What A Terrible End To The First Half.

After playing some arguably okay defense in the first half, Texas Tech allowed Louisiana Tech to march down the field and score. The Bulldogs get the ball after the half is over, only down 35-17.

That’s unacceptable. That’s a terrible time to assume that someone will just roll over, which is what it seems like Texas Tech has done whenever they score quickly in the first quarter.

Everyone in the nation understands our defensive struggles, so everyone in the nation will never assume that they’re out of the game against us, especially in the first half.

4. There Is Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Defense.

Two weeks ago, I wrote on how improved Texas Tech’s defense has looked. I was wrong. Completely and totally wrong. There were things that happened tonight that should be unacceptable to any team with a pulse. When we had a chance to make big plays, we stood flat footed in the back field. We got burned deep. We got toasted on the ground.

I’m not smart enough to have the answers. I like to think that I know a few things about football, especially defense, but I honestly don’t know any surefire ways to fix this. There are so many factors swirling around that it’s impossible to pin this on one thing. There isn’t an easy fix. I don’t know whether what’s wrong. All I know is that something is very wrong, and that’s troubling.

I still think there’s a chance that they figure it out, but in all honesty, that hope is constantly dwindling. There are some good players on this defense, guys that can really make a difference. It’s the unification that worries me.

Louisiana Tech is a good team, a team that only lost by one point to Arkansas in Fayetteville. I’m just worried that we’re wasting a truly legendary offensive performance from Patrick Mahomes & company.

EDIT: Patrick Mahomes: “We just have to trust them.”

5. Ultimately, A Win Is A Win.

There are still glaring issues with this Texas Tech team, issues that might take more than this season to fix. They’re still 2-1 heading into conference, which is more than a lot of other schools can say.

The Big 12 as a whole looks vulnerable. We have a bye week next week, a week that we can use to get better on both sides of the ball. The rest will benefit this team in the long run.