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Texas Tech vs. La Tech - Open Thread


Welcome to the Open Thread for the Texas Tech vs. Louisiana Tech game. Please discuss anything related to the game, and remain civil while you do. BEAT THE BULLDOGS.

Aren’t caught up with the game? We have some previews for you!

Linked Previews -

Here’s our full staff picks.

Here’s the Vegas odds, and how the pick-em competition is going.

The film room is here for your in depth needs.




The game will always be on 97.3 for those of you in the area, and will be online using the TuneIn Radio app.


We need this one, and the defense is bad, but please remain civil while commenting. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your mother, don’t say it at all.

Let’s cheer our boys on and hope that our defense has improved. I’m ready for the Mahomes show.