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Senior Spotlight: Quinton White Jr.

What can Red Raider fans expect from this senior running back?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one player I believe is underrated in Texas Tech's high-octane offense, it's Quinton White Jr. While Tech is better known for attacking defenses through the air, the running game has been a critical part of the offense the past two years. With back-to-back 1,000 yard rusher DeAndre Washington in the NFL and Justin Stockton adjusting to being a primary back, White could definitely be a key part of Tech's running attack.

In his first four years at Tech, White has mostly seen spot duty with backs like Sadale Foster, Kenny Williams and Washington ahead of him on the depth chart. After being redshirted his freshman year, White played in all 13 games in 2013. He had 13 carries for 130 yards and one rushing TD along with one catch for five yards. His numbers dwindled in 2014 as he had 29 carries for 121 yards along with ten catches for 82 yards. This past season he only carried the ball nine times for 29 yards and had six catches for 32 yards.

Despite his low numbers for his first three seasons, I believe White has a chance to have his best season this year to close his career at Tech. Most depth charts I've seen have Stockton ahead of him, but that's not to say he won't see plenty of the field in 2016. As a senior, I believe a player should be given an opportunity to compete for the starting job or, in White's case for running backs, a chance to split time with the primary starter.

When I watched Stockton in games last year he was used mostly in passing situations with an occasional run since Washington was the starter. His role likely will expand, but I feel White will get the ball every other running play. White reminds me a lot of Washington in terms of his size and build. White's 5-7, Washington's 5-8, and both weigh a bit over 200 pounds.

While it will be hard to replace Washington in terms of his production and leadership, I feel White can provide both to this offense. He's a senior and he's been a part of Kingsbury's system for three years now. Sporting a new number in 23 and armed with his signature spin move, White in my opinion is definitely a player to watch in 2016 on the Red Raiders.

Good luck your senior year Quinton!