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Let’s Play Arkansas in 2018

Arkansas needs a worthy opponent to play in 2018, so do we.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that the Michigan Wolverines have dropped their non-conference match up with the Arkansas Razorbacks in 2018 to renew their rivalry with Notre Dame.

As of right now, Texas Tech’s only D-1 opponent for the 2018 season is a match-up with our neighbors out in East Texas, Houston. This game looks promising. Houston is coming off what is easily one of their best seasons in their program history, capping it off with a statement making win over Florida State in the Peach Bowl. In a world where FPI (Football Power Index) is the talk of the town, every team is looking to boost their strength of schedule.

With Michigan leaving their home and home with Arkansas, Arkansas can be looking for an opponent to replace in their schedule. In last season’s surprising win over Arkansas in Fayetteville, the Red Raiders gained their revenge after being strong-armed in the game against the Razorbacks the season before in Lubbock. Both Kliff Kingsbury and Bret Bielema said things. Let’s settle it once and for all. Arkansas has an opening in 2018, Texas Tech needs to play a Power-5 opponent for sake of FPI, and both are old rivals. Texas Tech and Arkansas should have a rubber match for bragging rights at a neutral site. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at Jerry’s world. NRG stadium could always be a possibility. The Alamodome could perhaps open for a couple of old rivals. Regardless of location, both teams have the mutual need for a worthy opponent before conference play begins. It’s a no brainer, let’s play Arkansas in 2018. What do y’all think? Should we play Arkansas, or someone else?