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If Jarrett Stidham Wants to Come Back to Tech, Let Him

If the former Texas Tech commit wants to come back, we should take him...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors surfaced yesterday that former five star QB Jarrett Stidham is interested in transferring from Baylor, possibly to McLennan Community College in Waco. By playing at a community college for one season, Stidham could transfer back to an FBS school without having to sit out a year.

Stidham is infamous among Red Raider faithful for decommitting from Texas Tech shortly before national signing day during the 2014-2015 season. Not only did Texas Tech lose out on an outstanding recruit, but they were left with hardly any time to sign a QB at all for that year’s class.

There was (and still is) much speculation regarding why exactly Stidham decommitted after he seemed very excited to play in Lubbock. Was he told he was going to redshirt by the coaching staff? Was he intimidated by Pat Mahomes’ stellar play? Was he lured, unethically or otherwise, by Baylor and influential people in Stephenville (where Stidham played high school ball)?

Regardless, I cannot fault an 18 year old too much for changing his mind about his future. It’s his decision after all, and while many think that it wasn’t right to abandon Texas Tech, Jarrett Stidham has an obligation to do what’s best for him and his family. He has no obligation to please you or me.

Why is any of this even relevant? Well, many have already wondered if Stidham would be interested in transferring to Texas Tech after playing one season at a community college. While it’s highly unlikely for a multitude of reasons, it’s an interesting hypothetical. I, for one, would welcome him back with open arms.

Stidham genuinely loved the idea of playing in Lubbock. He never said anything bad about Texas Tech on his way out, unlike another infamous Red Raider QB transfer. If Stidham got caught up with the wrong people and was taken advantage of in Waco, what a story it would be for him to return “home” and find success at Texas Tech.

Also, if Stidham did transfer for the 2017 season, he would be entering his third year of eligibility. If Mahomes declares for the NFL draft after this season, Stidham would have two full season at the reigns (this is important, so I’m putting it in all caps) JUST LIKE HE WOULD HAVE IF HE HAD COME HERE ALL ALONG AND NEVER DECOMMITTED. If Mahomes stays? Redshirt Stidham for 2017 and let him have his two seasons of eligibility in 2018 and 2019. Again, that would be no different than if he had come straight to Lubbock from high school and redshirted.

Jarrett Stidham may or may not even be transferring from Baylor. If he is, there’s probably not a path to Lubbock for him. But if there was, and if the decision were up to me, I’d take him back and win some ball games with one of the most talented QB’s in the nation. Let’s forgive a kid for making a mistake and help him, and Texas Tech football, make the best of the situation.

Okay folks, I know these are unpopular opinions. So have it out in the comments section or find me and harass me on social media. As always, Wreck ‘em Texas Tech!