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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup: Where do the Red Raiders rank against other schools in Texas?

It’s summertime, so let’s check out where the Red Raiders rank so far.

Kliff Recruiting

Texas Tech currently has 12 commits for the 2017 recruiting class. That got me to thinking about how that stacks up to other programs in the state. With it being mid-summer most schools should have a solid number of commits by now. Today I’ll take a look at Texas Tech’s 2017 class versus other programs in the state, specifically the Power 5 schools and Houston. It may surprise you where Texas Tech ranks against some of the big dogs.

Texas Tech

12 Commits for 2017

Top 3 Commits: OL Jack Anderson, OL Will Farrar, QB Xavier Martin

As you can see, Texas Tech is right in the mix to finish in the top 3 in the state for the 2017 recruiting cycle. The class is packed full of offensive linemen and Xavier Martin is a one of a kind quarterback. This class has all the makings of being something special, only time will tell.

Texas A&M

17 Commits for 2017

Top 3 Commits: QB Kellen Mond, S Derrick Turner, OL Grayson Reed

The Aggies are already sitting at 17 commits for 2017 and their class is looking stacked. They’re currently ranked in the top 10 on both 24/7 and Scout and in the top 20 on Rivals. It’ll be interesting to see how Texas A&M’s season goes this year. If it’s a down year, could Kevin Sumlin leave? If he leaves, what happens to this class?


18 Commits for 2017

Top 3 Commits: ILB Mohamed Sanogo, CB Terry Petry, WR Jeremy Singleton

Houston had an amazing season last year and are riding that into the 2017 recruiting cycle. The Cougars currently have 18 commits and are ranked in the top 25 on both 24/7 and Scout. Another great season will lead to more great recruits, it’s pretty simple. Houston could be building the next Boise State, as in a school outside the Power 5 but constantly in the top 10 each year for a number of years.


7 Commits for 2017

Top 3 Commits: DE Lagaryonn Carson, WR Damion Miller, QB Sam Ehlinger

Somehow Texas can have an under .500 season but still recruit well, but then again they are Texas. No matter what kind of season they have the Longhorns can always land some big fish in recruiting. Charlie Strong is tasked with rebuilding a once great program and as long as he has the right pitches for recruits, he shouldn’t have much trouble landing some studs.


8 Commits for 2017

Top 3 Commits: QB Shawn Robinson, OL Wes Harris, DT Dennis Collins

TCU is a bit of a surprise to me. They’ve had some great seasons recently but aren’t currently in the top 40 in 24/7, Rivals, or Scout. I get that it’s only mid-summer but they do still have 8 commits. I’m sure Gary Patterson will work some magic this fall and bring in some highly ranked recruits but at the moment their class is just sort of average.


1 Commit for 2017

Top Commit: S Jalen Pitre

How the mighty have fallen. Baylor once had 8 commits for 2017, but after 7 decommitments the Bears have 1 commit for 2017. Out of the 7 decommitments, 4 were 4-star recruits and their top guy was 5-star linebacker Baron Browning. So what’s next for Baylor? If the Bears can put together a decent season (bowl game?) and if the school can get their act together they should be able to recover. But if there’s more fallout to come. Baylor could go back to being pre-2010 Baylor.