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Matador Mailbag, 7.5.16

We asked for your questions. Now we will answer them.

Oddly enough, this is a question that's only asked by not Texas Tech fans -- as if the bar is somewhat higher among other fanbases than it is in our own. No, Kliff is safe, for four main reasons:

  1. His contract is way too big for Texas Tech to buy out. For better or worse, Kliff Kingsbury is here until 2020, and barring a huge disaster, will likely continue to be the coach here at Texas Tech.
  2. This is his first season with his recruits running the show. Any talk of him being in hot water before this is overblown, because we know what he's working with. We've had to go to the JUCOs to put a defensive line on the field. Not to find good players, mind you, but to simply field a full defensive line. Kirby Hocutt and company know exactly what Kliff has had to deal with, and they'll be patient.
  3. Depending on injuries, upsets, how close games are played, and many other factors, a 7 or 8 win season could mean major progress. If we lose by less than a touchdown in 5 losses in an 8 win season, that puts us on a steady trend upwards.
  4. Who are we going to get that's better? If we were going to get an experienced head coach, last year would have been the year to do that. We could find some coordinator and promote him to head coach, but not every coordinator takes to coaching like Tom Herman. If we were to let Kliff go, we would have to downgrade to find a head coach.
It's never as simple as "he has to get X number of wins to stay". As much as we like to say that only winning matters, when you're playing with millions of dollars and the future of a program, I sure hope you're taking more than a win/loss record into account.


I hope that all Austinites are excited to see two wonderful representatives of the state of Texas on the DCTF cover. They're giving them a whole article and the cover! I thought that was nice.

The MLB is rigged. It doesn't take a genius to see it. The Yankees have won so many times that I'm surprised the MLB lets teams outside of New York within sneezing distance of the World Series. The Rangers will never win a title. The Astros definitely won't win a title. CC Sabathia will eat hot dogs. All of this has been orchestrated by the great baseball gods, who apparently are satanists because they do things like allow Nolan Ryan to retire and keep Pete Rose out of the hall of fame.

The MLB is a three letter acronym. Three, like the sides of the Illuminati triangle. There are six letters in "Harper". 6/2=3. There are nine letters in "Mike Trout". 9/3=3. Both Harper and Trout wear red. The color red has three letters in it. Three. In ancient Egypt, red was the color of victory. Both Harper and Trout are winners. However, Mike Trout's full name is divisible into three, whereas only Bryce Harper's last name is.

Mike Trout is better than Bryce Harper.

Depending on the type of year he has, he might be in the Heisman running and projected to go in the first round of the NFL Draft. The difference between this year and next year is that we will have every single piece of the puzzle returning in 2017. This year will have a couple of early minor setbacks due to us trying to figure out the best ways to use everyone on our roster. If Patrick Mahomes comes back for his senior season, we will return around 8 or 9 starters.

I hope Mahomes doesn't leave, but that's selfish. I want him to stay here, for sure, but I'm not someone to tell others what to do with their lives. If he does stay, he'll have more firepower in 2017 than he's had in his entire career.

I think there will be some growing pains as current and new players alike adjust to Chris Beard and his playstyle. I hope they hit the ground running and have a solid season, but there's still a big chance that they struggle for a little bit.