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Gil Roberts running in 400m finals

The Texas Tech product is representing the Red Raiders at the Olympic trials.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech’s track and field team has been a quality organization for a long time, and that quality extends into Olympic quality.

The Rio 2016 Olympics have seen their share of controversy, but that doesn't matter for Gil Roberts, who is fighting to get a spot in his first games today via the 400m dash. Roberts scratched on his first attempt in the 400m semis, but he was reinstated by the USATF and will run in the finals today.

If Roberts makes the 2016 games, he will join a group of 5 Red Raider Olympians (Sheryl Swoopes, Jonathan Johnson, Shereefa Lloyd, Michael Mathieu, and Andrae Williams).

At the time of writing, Roberts is likely racing right now. Roberts was added into the 8-man finals, creating a small controversy due to the nature of his appearance and how it affects the individual heats. To Roberts, it likely doesn't matter, as he's in after a potential dream-crushing false start.