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Former Red Raider Clement Sordet playing through tragedy

Some tragedies are closer to home than others.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Some tragedies hit home for others more than they do for us. As we mourned the tragedy in Nice, France last night, arguably no Red Raider was hit harder than Clement Sordet.

Nice is Sordet’s hometown.

Sordet wrapped up his second round at the 145th Open Championship with a 75, a respectable score when you realize that he was told about the attacks minutes before he teed off. Sordet scrawled the words "Pray For Nice" in blue on the side of his hat, and went to work.

According to, Sordet’s family is safe. The truck hit less than 500 meters of the place he and his girlfriend live in.

The tragedy in Nice affected everyone in some way, not matter how small. It affected others much more.

Thoughts and prayers are with Sordet as he finishes up the Open, and for everyone in France who were the direct recipients of this act of violen