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Texas Tech had 14 50+ yard touchdowns in 2015

The Red Raiders are efficient.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Tech offense is nigh unstoppable when functioning at its best. Even when it isn’t going so well, the Red Raiders still put up points consistently. In 2015, Texas Tech had 14 touchdowns from 50+, a staggering number.

Most of these are Patrick Mahomes doing Patrick Mahomes things, but we also get glimpses of the future with Ian Sadler and Justin Stockton. Stockton will step into the starting running back role in 2016, and there will be a lot expected of him as he’s following in the shoes of DeAndre Washington, a true Red Raider great.

Stockton will be efficient, but I don’t want to say that he’ll replace Washington. They’re different runners and bring different things, and they will do damage in different ways.

I’m particularly excited about Sadler. He’s the #WhiteBoySlot that has been missing from Texas Tech for some time, and he’s a sight faster than most defenders. I can see him getting some touches in the style of Jakeem Grant next year.