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Patrick Mahomes is DCTF's #1 most important player in Texas

The Red Raider's gunslinger is #1, according to some.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes needs no introduction at this point. He's not a project attempting to break out. He's not an underrated player hiding in the shadows. The LSU games showed the world his talent, and anyone with a modicum of intelligence concerning college football knows his talent.

This week, Dave Campbell's Texas Football named him the #1 most important player in Texas.

Let's talk about what "important" means. It doesn't necessarily mean "best". It means that if Mahomes goes down, his loss will prove to have the most impact. This is not to say that Patrick Mahomes is not good or that Jett Duffey isn't a capable backup, but that the Texas Tech attack will change immensely without Mahomes at quarterback.

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on a young offensive line to preform.

Either way, Patrick Mahomes is a great ambassador for Texas Tech, and a very, very important player.